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Wiring Diagrams and General Specification/Lubrication Sheets

Reliant Rialto wiring diagram



Click on the links beneath the headings below to view the wiring diagrams.


Regal Car and Van

Reliant Regal 3.25 Car and Van 600cc Wiring Diagram

Gen Spec Regal Sup
Reliant Regal 3.30 Car and Van 700cc Wiring Diagram

Gen Spec Regal1

Gen Spec Regal2



Please note the 700cc colour code is the same as 600cc

Robin/Super Robin Saloon and Van

Gen Spec2 early Robin 850 Gen Spec early Robin 850

Reliant Fox wiring diagram


Wiring Diagram

Kitten Saloon and Estate

Reliant Kitten Saloon, Estate and Van Wiring Diagram


Reliant Fox Wiring Diagram


Reliant Rebel Wiring Diagram


Reliant Ant / Melford / BTB Wiring Diagram

Ant Lubric1Ant Lubric2Gen Spec Ant


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